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Hi there

Location : Nottingham

We are looking to adopt a second dog and have approached all the rescues we know of, with no response currently (i know things are not running as normal!) I was wondering if maybe posting here someone could alert us to a different way to search or may know of a suitable dog. We are not in a rush so to speak but when you have the room and have decided you want another dog, the thought of a dog being in kennels when they don't need to be isnt nice is it!

Current Situation : 2 adults 2 teenagers 14+ (they are currently only with us at weekends but that's likely to increase, both are dog friendly and experienced with how to behave with dogs) We own our home and it has an average sized secure garden, with a bigger open field literally 20 seconds away and long country side walks all round. We have a 10yr old JRT cross who in typical terrier style doesn't act like a 10yr old at all, so we would ideally like a dog that likes a good walk! Rocket is neutered and up to date on injections. We have had him for almost 3yrs. He is very dog friendly and has many dog friends in the park but I think he would really love a live in friend.
Work wise we are currently wfh, definitely until March but likely to be given the option to be permanent, which I would take. If we were to go back to the office which is unlikely we did have an excellent dog walker who is insured etc. We have no requirements of a dog other than Rocket loves them (which will be an easy win) we are not the most experienced trainers but willing to put in the work needed.

We are happy to wait and see if anything comes up at an established local rescue but would love any advice or ideas anyone may have :)
Would you consider a lurcher, and have you approached Lurcher Link? Forever Hounds Trust is another good rescue organisation, though I'm not sure where their dogs are based. I think both of these rescues are rehoming at the mo - if emails don't get a response you could try their FaceBook pages.
Try Rescue Remedies they have lots of different breeds ...based in Gatwick. ..they rehome all over the country. ..good luck ;)
Hi Woofly - Consider a whippet too. They generally go well with terriers, as do the lurchers already suggested.

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