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Can you recommend a GPS tracker?

Richard & Patsy

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On Sunday we had a nerve-wrecking 30 minutes when we lost Sitka after he chased a deer and recall failed. It was hard to find him in the forest. We have been looking into GPS trackers that we can fit to his collar.

There is one on Amazon for £45.50 (Tractive GPS Dog Tracker) but it needs a subscription and some reviews say it doesn't work in woodland. There are ones that use GPS rather than a 4G signal. There is a great one by Garmin
Atemos 100 | Garmin
but it costs £770!

Can you recommend one?
My friend uses a Tractive, I think from memory you know Blairadam forest - it works fine there (although I get no 4g there, maybe it depends what network you are on). I don't remember her talking about a subscription though - I can ask her if you wish?
Jean and pete sell Pawtrax trackers .....have a look at them ...
Glad he came back safely
Jean and pete sell Pawtrax trackers .....have a look at them ...
Glad he came back safely
I think when he gives up on the deer he wants to come back but, in the frenzy, can't remember the way. He saw us before we spotted him and he came bounding down the forest track: so pleased to find us.
I looked at Pawtrax and it ticks our boxes - GPS + mobile signal (no subscription, PAYG SIM is OK) and affordable at £80. Thank you very much for the suggestion.
Also if you haven't i always carried a mountaineering whistle. .apparently it has the best long range sound your dog can find you easier than calling ....;)

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