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Car ramp


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It took a while, but we finally cracked the problem of how to use a car ramp when the door won't open wide enough for one to be rested on the seat or sill, and the dog is too long to cope with a step - his front end would need to be in the car before his back end reached the step.


The low step means it fits under the base of the door when it's open, and having the ramp running down the side of the car means it works in a smaller place, such as when someone is parked next to you. Jasper is still 'in training' (because we've been barely using the car), and it doesn't help that it's a bit of a palaver for me on my own to set it up four times per walk, making sure J either stays in or outside the car while I'm setting it up - it's too high to open or close the door once it's in situ. I'm sure it'll get easier with practice though, both for me to manhandle and Jasper to use - at the moment he'd rather just jump over it so I have to block him.
Good for you, JudyN. There’s enterprise to say the least.

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