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Change in Lily's Kitchen food?


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I know a few others use Lily's Kitchen, I understand that they did sell the company to Nestle Purina not too long ago. I've seen many comments about a change in the food since they sold and I hadn't noticed this until now. Roxy is currently on the senior recipe dry and wet food. I've noticed that the dry food is different this time, I've had the senior one once before and it was so different, it used to be more 'biscuity':rolleyes: and they were nowhere near as greasy as this new batch.....and super duper stinky which I do not remember having before, like to paint you a picture the bag is rolled up and clipped shut and put away in a food container and you can still sometimes smell it when you go near this container. Also she's had more sensitivities tummy wise, some soft poops and lately quite mucousy poops maybe that's not even the food though.
And I have about two kilos left of this food :eek:

Anyone else noticed a change?
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I've not heard of that news....but I was just yesterday surprised to see in Aldi some 'special offers' on some 'better quality' dog food. The funny thing was that the 3 flavours were same that Lily's do and the deco on the tin labels was more and less same, if not identical...just the brand name was different. But if the Lily's is now would not surprise me if Nestle Purina provides the same food under other brand label...or maybe Lily's name is going to change in future too????
We use Lily's so little that I cannot say if the contents are now different or not.
It may be that they bought the name along with the business. Wouldn't be the first time this has happened.

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