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Change of Diet

Cath S

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We have had to change Freddie’s diet as he just got bored of it and won’t eat it any more. Had to go straight into a new one (albeit the dry version of the same make but different flavour) He was on the wet version and it did wonders for his stomach including mainly stopping the night time poohs. We feed him the same time as before but he has started needing a poo in the night. Could this just be his inside adjusting to it? as we had no choice but to go straight onto it - been so lucky there is has been no diarrhoea. I am hoping that is the case! Any ideas welcome. Could try then sweetcorn option but just a little confused as we haven’t changed his feeding time or walks. Thanks
His digestion speed might have changed, I guess - so it would be worth trying the sweetcorn. Do the consistency and overall quantity seem to be the same as before?
Consistency is fine - even better in fact. Quantity is more.
If he's anything like my dog, the smallest change in diet can cause poo problems! They're all different as you know, but yes, it could be the change. I guess you'll need to monitor things as has been mentioned.
This version of his food, even though made by the same company, might have more filler in it, or else filler that goes through faster. Could you feed a bit earlier or later? Earlier usually works better but I don't know what time you feed or what time he gets you up.
He normally eats 3 times a day. 8.30, 1.30pm and 6pm. Walks at 10 am and 7.30pm. He does a poo on both and then again around 1am - he did this again last night. I guessed maybe it had more filler in it but he wouldn’t eat anything else yesterday. What times would you suggest feeding? Happy to try anything
Just a little concerned that he would go too long overnight without food if I feed earlier? Breakfast is not his favourite meal so sometimes a struggle to get him to eat in the mornings
Could you walk him earlier than 10am ..earlier walk and then breakfast ...mine wont eat before they have been out for a walk ..;)
Could certainly try. Do you think that would make a difference to the night time poo? I have read it can take 12 hours sometimes to digest a meal.
I know all dogs are different but its certainly worth a try ...let us know how it all goes ;)
Have the night time toilets sorted themselves out @Cath S ?

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