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Changed raw food. ? if is ok

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Just tried 600#800 IMG_2024-03-17-163510.jpeg
Good morning folks, after numerous attempts,I seem to have now managed to attach a picture of my mate Sir Bruce. In fact a few have appeared, which I will attempt to remove.
Lovely! :) A great pic to start my day with, thank you for persevering!:D
He certainly is a very nice looking dog.
While he certainly has the protection instinct built in, he is just a big softy with no aggression. He plays equally with all dogs, large or small

He certainly is a very nice looking dog.

He certainly is a very nice looking dog.
Bruce is now 4 years of age. He is a “Blue” Dobermann. He has obviously not read the Dobie Manual regarding being nasty and vicious. He has no aggression in his nature, but is protective at home. He is of a normal size for a male, but not really big. We meet with a lot of other dogs on our walks and they mostly know him and his nature. He is a joy to take out. I would love to have a female as a mate for him, but the costs make this prohibitive. To see him play with other dogs is joyful.
I was feeding Honeys raw food which Biddy loved but have changed to Natures menu (she also loves this) which is cheaper and more convenient. I can just feed a certain amount of nuggets a day now without having to weigh the food
I have noticed a change in her bowel habits, with Honeys she went once a day which was hard and formed and with Natures menu she goes twice a day but it is softer.
I was not unduly concerned but did mention it to the vet when I attended for Biddys monthly allergy injection and was told to moniter the situation and see if it continues as it can take a couple of weeks for their stomaches to adjust
I should have asked more questions, does that mean that if it continues then the food does not suit her? Am a bit confused now. This natures menu is definitely smoother (more like mousse) than the Honeys which was a lot coarser and which I added water to when Biddy was at first constipated (in case she was not drinking enough)
I am concerned because she did have anal gland problems which cleared up when I started feeding Honeys and I do not want that returning if Natures Menu is causing softer stools. She is fine at the moment but I never seem to be away from the vet these days so want to avoid any unecessary complication
It's great that you're being attentive to Biddy's diet and health. It's not uncommon for dogs to experience changes in bowel habits when switching foods. Monitoring her closely, as your vet suggested, is the best approach. If the softer stools persist, it might be worth exploring other options or consulting with your vet for further advice. Your dedication to Biddy's well-being is commendable, and I hope you find a solution that keeps her happy and healthy.
I feed my Dobermann various minced meats that are “complete” to these I add chopped veg and fruit, which are all mixed together in an ice cream tub. He gets 454grms of meat for two meals.
I also top this off with Bran Flakes and a couple spoons of yoghurt. His “poo’s” are firm


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