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Chart polski

Discussion in 'Working' started by winiw96, May 17, 2013.

  1. winiw96

    winiw96 New Member Registered

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    hello for quite a while i used whippet to open

    field course in the us;they were capable litte dogs;

    as of late i was looking for some thing that had more

    size;just wondered if any one has seen chart polski

    run hare or fox do they have speed and stay thanks for the time

  2. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Member Registered

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    Chart Polski breed generally are slower than Greyhounds, Magyar Agars, Sloughis, Azawakhs and most competent breeds when it comes to speed. They may have stamina but itsi like saying someone walking three miles has great stamina when you compare to a RUNNER. Here in the USA I would not consider such a breed to use on Antelope Jackrabbit which are the quickest of hare but they are reportedly good on squirrel, rabbit and such creatures. Here's a video of a Chart Polski a trainer.

    A Chart Polski and rabbit.
    Never heard of a champion hare or deer coursing Chart Polski.

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