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Cheaper alternative to non-stinky stuff for skin?

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by Jack-Russell-Lover, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. Jack-Russell-Lover

    Jack-Russell-Lover Well-Known Member Registered

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    Hey everyone,

    ive been using non-stinky stuff oil for my dogs itchy skin for almost a year now (in food every night and weekly baths with it) and was wondering if there were any cheaper alternatives does anyone know? Because i was unsure if it was doing anything but after stopping it to see how she was she seems more itchy so would like another option if there are any?
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  3. RGC

    RGC Member Registered

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    Has your vet examined skin scrapings? I would have thought that this would have been a first port of call. Beyond that perhaps her diet requires scrutiny. You have my sympathy.
  4. jackaranian

    jackaranian New Member Registered

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    I've tried everything to stop my two itching, including topicals. Non Stinky Stiff didn't work for me. What seemed to work for the boy this summer - given there was no firm vet diagnosis and no response to vet preps so I was relying on my internet searches. The first thing was a homoepathic prep from a couple of fox protection groups - it's essentially a mix of arsenicum and sulphur, taken internally over 6 weeks. The second thing, I approached Helios Homeopathy, Tunbridge Wells and they made me up a tincture for external use, hypericum, calendula and urtica, 5 - 10 drops diluted in water and sprayed on. Eventually his itching stopped. It was awful to see. I use that Helios spray on my itchy skin and it works wonderfully well. This week my friend reported her JR tearing at her itchy paws (not new but normally only experienced during the grass and pollen season). I made up some of the spray on Thursday, the paws were wetted top and bottom, left to dry off and my friend reported that itching stopped and the pup had gone to sleep. Seems to have been effective! The Helios people are very responsive, I'd phoned them to describe the problem, highly recommended.
  5. Kontiki

    Kontiki New Member Registered

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    We use liquid put in the food from Proflax seems to help and A hemp cream kept in the fridge good for healing sores.. bit stinky tho!

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