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Chicken thighs in Sainsbury's


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What a bargain for the girls!:)
Iv'e just been down to our local Sainsbury's (5 mins away).
Just to see what may be left over and nicely reduced.
There were quiet a few 1kg packs of chicken thighs reduced to £1.19, that's 60p per lb. I bought 6 packs for the girls and left 4 more on the shelf, (how stupid can I be) I should have bought all 10 packs for that price. I may pop down there first thing tomorrow morning to see if they are still there! There's not much fresh raw food to buy for 60p lb these days and its even good enough for us to eat.
Sunday hours today, so they will be closed by the time I get back there!!
I remember once getting a whole salmon one Christmas eve for about £4 or £5.
Our 6' Xmas tree was only £1 from B&Q - Homebase were giving them away free on Xmas Eve. And apparently Asda are giving away unsold broccoli, sprouts and carrots :) Not that the dogs would appreciate that as much as chicken thighs!
A bargain, I did not think of looking on the fish section, (not a fish lover myself):(
Our donkeys would love the reduced vegetables :D the girls would help use them too.
I did buy a couple of packets of sprouts for 9p each.
Aw, Timber loves veggies!
It's a good feeling to get a bargain! Lucky dogs.

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