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Chicken wings


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Have started biddy on a chicken wing a day hoping that chewing on the bone will help clean her teeth (have tried plaqueoff, 2 x toothpastes, bones from Honeys and off the butcher, dried sinews with no success at all)
She has actually chewed on, ground down and devoured 3 chicken wings so far. She is not keen, I have to remove the skin and do not offer her anything instead so she eventually eats it.
I have now been told that I should not be giving her every day because she has crushed bone in her raw food, however these wings are for her teeth rather than her diet
I feed her 50gms of raw food in the morning, a little veg throughout the day as she is always looking for food and a chicken wing in the evenings
She is currently 3.5gms (I did get her down to 3,2gm but I think she looks ok at 3.5 and it is so hard to get her to lose weight plus she is elderly now)
Do you think I should reduce the no of wings I give her? she will not even look at other bones or chews so I am delighted that she will take these and hope they will help with the cleaning of her teeth even if she is not super keen on them.
I think you mean kg, not gms? ;)

But didn't the chicken wings replace some of her raw mince, so the ground bone in that would have reduced slightly? It's true chicken wings are quite bony, but if her poos are fine then I don't think you need to worry. If she's a bit bunged up, add a little no-bone meat or a tiny bit of offal.

You might be able to make them more appealing by very quickly flash-frying, just to sear the outside a little and release some of the aroma. Then, if that helps, over time reduce the flash-frying even further and eventually phase it out completely.
Thanks JudyN, yes indeed I did mean kgs duh!
Thanks for the advice I will carry on with a wing a day as I want her to get used to it, I will certainly try flash frying it, I thought I had read or been told that somewhere before but was not sure if I had imagined it or not, the smell will surely entice her
I keep an eye on her poo and Honeys told me that if she seemed a little constipated to add water to her food (am back with Honeys food now, contacted Natures menu to get food with crushed bone in it and spoke to a rather rude very unhelpful man so stopped ordering from them)
A teaspoonful of olive oil (not other oils) or equivalent in butter often helps with constipation.

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