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"Clicker Solutions", a Yahoo-group, will close to new posts. Join anyway! Treasure hunt the archives

Discussion in 'Dog Behaviour and Training' started by leashedForLife, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. leashedForLife

    leashedForLife Well-Known Member Registered

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    this is ClickerSolutions -
    Yahoo! Groups

    the list is about 20-years of direct Qs from trainers, dog-owners, & breeders, & the many suggestions in reply -
    how to fix unwanted behavior, how to shape desired behavior, WHY a particular problematic behavior might pop-up during training, how to address various training complications, how to AVOID training complications arising [my personal preference, LOL... :D ].

    I would heartily recommend that anyone join - novice dog-owners, pro trainers, hobby trainers who compete in dog-sports, EQUESTRIANS... & mine their archives for gold nuggets.
    There's a lotta info there, & it's all free, gratis, & no charge... ;)

    - terry


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