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Coalville And Dcs Results

Discussion in 'Dog Showing' started by JAX, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. JAX

    JAX New Member Registered

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    Breed, Group and BIS judge Mr Doug hall ( Cliffmere )


    1) Nevedith Ufor Unicorn

    2) Mulcair Madd As A Hatta Best puppy , Puppy Group 1 and best puppy in show 4 :D

    3) Lawleymoon Absolute Bliss

    Post Grad (3)

    1)Meandi morninng Star at fedaye RBOB

    2)Marlbeben Moonbeam at bescott

    3)Lawleymonn Midnight Kiss

    Open (3)

    1)Mulcair Musical Melody BOB < Hound Group 1 and RESERVE BEST IN SHOW :D :D

    2) Janelyn Deffa Delta at fedaye

    3) Lawleymoon Wildlife Warrior

    . We won some super rosettes the size of small dinner plates and 3 bags of dog food too , Libbee was 4 th in a good vet class too, so all in all a super day out with my girls.
  2. chelynnah

    chelynnah Whippet Servant Registered

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    Well done Jackie :D

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