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Cockapoo puppy size


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When we first got Otto, our puppy, I saw that feeding guidelines were based on expected adult weight. I learned from Cockapoo websites that their adult weight was likely to 10.5kg which placed him on the “mini” dog size scale. However, he’s just under 6 months and already weighs 9.85kg! I’m not sure if he’s seriously overweight or if he’s just more likely to be a “medium” sized dog (11-25kg). He is almost always hungry so I’m worried I’ve been giving him the wrong food. Any advice welcome…
Adult weight of a cockapoo would depend on whether he is an F1 cockapoo, and also on what type of poodle was used, so I imagine it varies a lot. What brand/variety are you feeding him, and how much are you giving him? Does he have a distinct waist, and can you feel his ribs?

Most healthy dogs appear to be hungry all the time. Don't fall for those sad eyes...
With crossbreeds it can be hard to tell what their adult weight will be, puppies can inherit physical and behavioural traits from either parent. But I'd go by body condition. Is he overweight or underweight, or just right? He also is doing a lot of growing and needs to fuel that, like teenagers with huge appetites.
The F1 Cockapoo can come in a variety of sizes. Toy, Miniature, and Standard are the sizes, but even then the sizes can vary so much within their various breed standards.
If your puppy is hungry and healthy that is just fine, this is much better than a porky puppy or dog that is so full of food it has no waist and just eats because it has nothing better to do.
Of course not everyone knows whether their dog is over weight or not. The guidelines on food packaging is for the benefit of the food manufacturers and not in the case of a lot of our dogs. It is only a rough guideline:rolleyes:
Thanks for replies.

We were told he was F1 with miniature poodle dad but they didn’t have any certificates.

He was getting Royal Canin puppy for mini dog but I’ve now changed him to the same for medium dog. Both within recommended quantity for his age. Also a sweet potato (large teaspoon worth) lick mat and chicken foot/cow’s ear etc per day.

I think I can feel his waist line - just below ribs and above hips? I can feel his ribs but they don’t stick out. He was 3.3kg at 9 weeks and 9.85 at 22 weeks. He is 60cm from neck to end of back length and 44cm from foot to back height.
A quick google suggests that most cockapoos range from 25 to 38 cm. A cockapoo where the poodle is a standard poodle is more like 46-61 cm, and known as a maxi cockapoo. So you can pretty much ignore the feeding guidelines based on adult weight, as you really don't know how big he'll end up.

As to whether the breeder has been telling you porkies... I couldn't say, but it has to make you wonder. You wouldn't usually cross a small female with a significantly larger male for obvious reasons... did you see him with his mum and littermates, and are you sure she was really his mum?
An adult cocker spaniel (English I think) was there but I’m not 100% sure she was his mum. The owner said she wasn’t breeding as business so didn’t bother with documentation. He was the 2nd last of the litter so I saw the other one. But there were also a few other breeds of dogs and puppies so I was very suspicious. I couldn’t bear to leave him there though.

Oh well it looks like he’s going to be a fair size when fully grown. Not what we expected but we won’t love him any less.
The Standard poodle size is anything above 15", Miniature poodle 15" and below, and Toy up to 10". Of course these sizes can vary on the border line. I have seen a KC registered Miniature poodle that was actually 16 ", so you just never know :rolleyes:

And the Cockers vary tremendously too. Some are very tall and yet others are quiet tiny and petite. They grow differently in the same litter.
I have twococker spaniel x poodle that attend my dog training class, one has short legs & a long body & the other looks like a very poor example of a poodle.
This is the problem with breeding deliberate cross breeds, you really have no idea what the pups will end up like.
These dogs are not a new breed they are F1 cross breeds

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