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New Home Needed Cockapoo


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I am currently fostering a young Cockapoo dog. The reason for him coming to me is that his dad died a short while ago and his mum has terminal cancer. The couple took him in as a rescue from a home where he was not wanted once children arrived.

Baxter is male (neutered) 4 years old. He has a very loving nature and want nothing more than to be fussed all the time. This means that he finds it hard to cope if left but that can worked on. It would be better if the new owners were around most of the day. He gets on well with other dogs. Like many of his breed he is a bit possessive over his toys. He can be fed among other dogs though. He is quite good on the lead if a little enthusiastic when first leaving the house :)  Recall is excellent. He has had a few issues with people doing things to him. In particular he does not like having his feet wiped. I think that someone has lost patience with him in the past. His nature is so nice that I am sure that, with patience and time he would come to accept it.

He is used to sleeping on the bed, with his owner, but he is now settled in a crate in the bedroom at night. I will be gradually moving him towards the door over time.

I only wish I could keep him, but along with him came two nine year old dogs that would be much harder to rehome than him.

Below is Baxter on the first day we had him when he had to attend a Scent Work course with my other dog. He showed great promise!

Baxter at Scent 4 a.jpg
Oh good. How are the other two doing?
Someone came to see Baxter, the Cockapoo, but her circumstances were not right for him. She did, however, fall in love with Max, the 11 year old Labrador! He was expected to stay here, with us, due to his advancing years and his Labrador Elbow making him a little lame and so difficult to rehome. None of those issues were a problem to this lady, who is an experienced Labrador owner. I thought long and hard before agreeing to his move because of putting him through another change (his owners died within a month of each other and he and the other two dogs lived, supported, in an empty house for several weeks). Having watched him feeling anxious around the attention seeking Cockapoo, and the mind controlling Collie Cross, I decided that he would be happier having his human all to himself. The new owner is a lady who finds herself living alone and is very keen to bring a dog into her life. I tried, and failed, to find fault with the new home, apart from the obvious one of another change. I think that he will cope with it and benefit in the long term.

Esther, the Collie Cross (or is she a Kooikerhondje?) will probably stay, even though I was not looking for another dog! She is a very aloof dog so does not endear herself to people that she meets.  We have discovered that she also has problems with her spine, and possibly her pelvis, which may have been undiagnosed for a while as she has a reputation for being snappy. She is on pain relief now so this should help her cope better. I am not sure that Tigan is impressed though :(  She commandeers his bed and controls their games. The poor boy is all at sixes and sevens and we will have to monitor his stress levels carefully.

Oh I didn't realise the lady had died. How terribly sad, but good homes for the two of them is a good outcome. And welcome, Esther, to the Gypsy household!
So sad Joanne. She was fit and well all through nursing her husband and caring for the dogs etc. She hadn't even had the funeral when she was rushed into hospital and diagnosed as terminal. Stomach cancer that had spread :(

Esther is on trial to see how Tigan takes to her. If she is going to cause him stress then we may have to think again. She is also another inveterate hunter!!!
So much sadness but how wonderful of you to take them and find homes for two already.

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