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New Home Needed Cocker spaniel needs new home


Walkiestime - Northamptonshire
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My client needs a new home for a cocker spaniel - pippa is lovely, good with children’s, cats, good recall. Needs a loving home as client moving up north and she can only take her two cats and one dog in the rented property. I have met pippa and she is loves cuddles. Please can someone in Northamptonshire give her a home. I will house check with owner etc.


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-She has really good recall and good off and on the lead
-Good with dogs, cats and kids
-Loves cuddles and would be petted all day if she could.
-She sits and gives paw, lays down when asked gets down when asked.
-good with food
-house trained

Her previous owner hasn't got back to me about the other questions:
Age 4/5 years old.
Oh wow, she looks like a "Working" type. I hope the right type of home can be found for her.
She would be welcome here, but she would have to join a large gang of 6 other girls.
She is good with other Dogs. Children, cats. She deserves a good loving home. My client has given me the ok to give out her mobile to people who are interested.
PLEASE be careful. This lovely girl needs a vetted home. And is shed spayed? This is really the most important question for a pedigree bitch. There are unscrupulous individuals who trawl the net daily for bitches for puppy breeding... a BYB will take her and she's have a dreadful life. Don't let her go to anyone who just seems plausible without identity checks and a vet's reference. Even if she is neutered, she can find herself in a months time having had her aged halved and being sold at a pet fair. CAESSR is a wonderful spaniel rescue that are worth contacting. I have no personal connection with them but they have a good reputation (they are in the Midlands) or NESSR in the north. Sorry if I sound over-dramatic. I've seen bad stuff over the years and it's not getting any better.

She is going to spaniels rescue. I said it maybe better than giving the dog up. I would have taken her but I have two dogs already.
Oh thank-goodness! I have two dogs as well and I was just wondering how to smuggle a third past my OH...:confused:. So glad you let us know because I was worried.

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