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Couple save an infant sloth orphaned by storm, & a week later, their eco-lodge burns to the ground

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by leashedForLife, May 14, 2018.

  1. leashedForLife

    leashedForLife Well-Known Member Registered

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    One week after saving baby sloth, Cincinnati couple loses Costa Rican venture to fire

    The morning after a huge storm with wild waves, lashing rain & wind, this pathetic, chilled, hungry, filthy baby is clinging to the beach rocks, covered in sand, even in his eyes, & mum is nowhere to be seen - 2 guests at their lodge saw the poor creature while walking the beach, & hurried back to tell their hosts.
    They went down, scooped him up, washed the saltwater off his face & the sand out of his eyes, & took him to a rehab facility. // He recovered well, & they plan to release him when he's independent.

    Meanwhile, his rescuers' lodge burned down, & they lost everything - they have 2 small stateside businesses, but the Costa Rican lodge was special. :(
    It was also uninsured. // Such a shame.

    - terry

  2. arealhuman

    arealhuman Well-Known Member Registered

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    Bad karma :(
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