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Coursing in New Hampshire ??

Grey Dad

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Hello, I just found this site. I run a board very similar, and even use the same software, though mine is a greyhound board.  Anyway, back to the topic.

We just recently moved to New Hampshire and have 3 retired greyhounds. I think 2 of them would just love coursing. I have heard horror stories about the trailing line, and was wondering is anyone knew of a place in my area (South NH or MA) that offered straight line coursing, or even normal if we chose to give that a try.

Thank you.

*edit* Oops, I just noticed this board is located in England, so you may not have a clue where I can find a course. :smile:

Whippets and Greyhounds are just awesome!


(Edited by Grey Dad at 11:38 pm on Jan. 4, 2002)
even though you don't live in england, it is great you have discovered this site:cheesy: hope you enjoy looking at some of the forums.
Hi, thanks Michelle. I have been looking around. There is some neat information here :)
I've had a quick look at the site, and it's really good!!!, it's great to know that there are dog owners out there who are as mad about dogs as we are.

would recommend the site to everyone:biggrib:
Thanks :)

Yeah, we have a bunch of crazies there too :biggrin:
Hi Coastie - Chief Bug Hunter :)

Nice to see you. I've had a look at your site quite a few times in the past and seen you on Ikonboard forums. Keep up the good work :biggrin:

Is iB3 out of beta yet? I intend to upgrade within a few months but not looking forward to it because of mods I've made to incorporate the chat forum. Anyway, I'll have to do it at some point. iB is the best.
Hi Nigel, yeah, that's me :)

iB3 is out of beta, there just a few small things that still need to be fixed though, but nothing major. It looks like you are using you member database for the chat room, and unless you use iB3 with a mySQL backend, that might not be possible with iB3 using DBM. The member accounts are now encrypted. There is a converter available that will transfer over your posts and members to iB3, so you should be all set there. I'd just create a totally new board, import everything, but keep this one intact until you are sure everything is working perfectly.

Good luck with the move.

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