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cracking shih tzu needing home for two months - paid stay


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I'm going in for surgery and i am looking for someone to take on my little shih tzu, hes black and white, great temperament, brilliant on the lead etc, great around dogs and cats and fantastic with people and children, loves the attention

we are currently in the Glasgow area but are from elsewhere.

could be for 6-8 weeks or maybe less but will pay the full two months no problem

i don't want to put him in kennels and will pay for his stay, supply everything , food etc, can pay weekly or monthly or whatever suits and we can talk on a cost.

i love the wee guy and can possibly take him a few days here and there, would just need to keep in contact and know he is ok

he can sleep from 10pm to 10am and isn't to much trouble at all, brilliant company and good fun to. he's a stunning wee dog i just simply want the best for him

would be amazing to find him something

thought id try this.
Is it in the Glasgow area that you are hoping to have him boarded?
im not worried about the area really, he is my boy, just want him looked after.will pay my way

thank you for taking the time to respond

really appreciate it
Sorry I can't offer any help with having your boy. I would suggest though, if you do find someone you like, try and let him build a bit of a connection with them first and maybe do a couple of trial stays. He won't understand why he's suddenly 'living' with a stranger, what's happening and that it is temporary. If he has a chance to get to know them first and that when he's stayed you've come back it may help him settle a bit better.
Depending where you are, some councils may have a list of registered and licenced home boarders that might be able to accommodate your boy. Good luck with your search and surgery...
thank you so much,

its a dogs life, he travels lots and is great with anyone,a social animal really but your completely correct if there's any dramas id be right on it.

again thank you sir
Can I suggest that you do look for a registered dog boarder, and ask for feedback from other customers? Otherwise you run the risk that the person, and your dog, could disappear, or that the person has no experience of dogs and doesn't treat yours the way you would like, or doesn't notice if vet treatment is needed. Basically, treat it as you would if you were asking for someone to look after your child for a few weeks.

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