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Crystals in urine


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My shihtzu has crystals in urine and I have to change her good to royal canine urinary 02 food. Had anyone used this . If so what treats are they allowed if any
It might depend on what type of crystals they are - has your vet said?
What about tiny pieces of cooked chicken as treats?
Sorry, I thought white meat was okay for struvite crystals. Or is there another reason why chicken isn't allowed?
Yes. She gets a lot of yeast infection and loose toilet
So - sorry, but to clarify; she has a chicken I tolerance as well as struvite crystals?
Yes and ivdd which isn't anything yo do with her crystals. She just has a lot to contend with
What a lot she and you are having to cope with. Could your vet give you a referral to a specialist?
When my cocker was 3 she had structure stone that was removed and royal canin food suggested, I did a bit of investigation on the internet . I discovered there was a supplement ( looked like marmite) can’t remember the name with made the urine more acidic to stop any more stones forming. It was added to her normal wet food ( no kibble). Worked a treat ,

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