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Dangerous dogs dissertation


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Hello, I’m Kiera-Mae O’Neil, currently studying BSc (hons) Bioveterinary Science at Hartpury University and would like to invite you to participate in my study!
This study is interested in the public's understanding of the Dangerous Dogs Act and how effective they think it is. Along with how or what affect it has on the public's ownership decisions in dog breeds. With the recent XL bully breed-type ban, how the act is used within the public is increasingly important. I aim to find grey areas of understanding within the act and what is believed to be missing or misleading. Therefore, to take part in this study you must be a UK resistant over the age of 18 and currently or have previously owned a dog. The survey will ask questions regarding dog aggression, and dangerous dogs so please only complete the survey if you feel you are able to.
Thank you for consideration in my study, I look forward to the responses!
Hi Kiera-mae.

You won't be able to post a link as a new member but if you either message it to me, or post it with spaces, I'll fix it for you.

I'd just add, members here are probably a bit more dog-savvy than members of the general public so their replies might not be representative of normal.

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