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Delicate paw pads and Dog shoes/boots good or bad opinions please

Cheryl Dudley

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Hi all, I am in a quandary, for those who may recall I posted about my bully puppy losing her dew claw and that ordeal, anyway that seemed to heal really well but we have now progresses with paw pad problems.
Poor love seems to be so delicate underfoot and her pads are all becoming cracked and sore. We are now massaging with coconut oil hoping this will help condition her pads and has always been good for our huskies in the warmer weather .
Anyway furthermore walking her is becoming more difficult for her and on today's walk this has resulted in her middle pad in the front paw splitting right open like a flap type wound, that now needs bandaging etc...
As she is a rescue we know she didn't receive many walks before we adopted and wondered if this is just because she never got to harden up her paws? But also dont want to put her through painful ordeals of this continually or not getting the run and playtime she so enjoys.
The vet suggested trying her with booties
What are everyone's thoughts on the use of dog shoes or boots..pros,cons ..or decent types or alternative ideas welcomed in helping her out.
I'm concerned that if we do ..she may get further friction issues from the shoes as she's very solid and heavy footed she's currently 32kg and not yet has a bit of junk weighing down on those tootsie's...all help gratefully received
Have you come across Musher's Secret paw wax? It's possible that coconut oil may soften her pads to the extent that they become more tender and more prone to damage, so Musher's Secret might be more protective.

What if you restrict her to grassy areas, or is that not practical?
Definitely not for open wounds, but people who want to toughen their feet for walking rub in surgical spirit.

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