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Diet transition after pancreatitis - advice wanted


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I've posted before about my spaniel recovering from some acute pancreatitis.
After advice here & from the vet, I've been transitioning her to Burns Fish & Brown Rice kibble (low-fat, easily digestible) from the Purina EN Gastrointestinal tins of wet food that she's been on while she's been ill.

This is what I've done so far:
Amounts over 2 meals. Target 80g Burns per day.
  1. 4 days, 2/3 Purina tin + 20g of Burns - all fine
  2. 5 days, 1/2 Purina tin + 40g Burns - all fine
  3. 1 day 1/2 Purina tin + 60g Burns
After 1 day at stage 3, she threw up & toileted overnight. She seems lethargic.
Stool was dark, firm then loose at the end (not orange like the worse pancreatitis stage).

Should I go back to stage 2 and take it slower onto stage 3? Go up to 50g/day of Burns with some rice? Perhaps 1/2 a tin and 60g Burns took the fat content too high (although they're both low fat).
It's also possible she found something to eat in the bushes in the park... so I don't know if I should blame the Burns. I was quite enthusiastic and hopeful about trying Burns but I don't know if I should persevere.

All advice welcome!
I'm not an expert, but I'd go back to stage 2, where you know she was doing OK previously. Whatever caused the current tummy upset, you want to get back to a status quo before moving on. If you went for 'stage 2.5', i.e. 50g Burns, and she still had GI issues, you wouldn't know if that's due to the increased Burns or the random upset continuing.

Then, when she's fine again, maybe try 50g Burns before moving up to 60g. I would also reduce the amount of Purina to balance the increase, even if you do have an annoying odd amount left in the can.
Hi, thanks Judy. This sounds like the sensible path and it's good to get reassurance. She's been back on Stage 2 for the last couple of days and has gone back to her usual self quite quickly. We're going to give her 4 days more minimum at this Stage then try 50g Burns. As you say, perhaps a 1/4 tin is too much there, so we'll cut back there more too.
You could try sticking with a reduced daily amount burns - but top with extra boiled brown rice, small amount white fish and pure tinned pumpkin. In went down this route with my cocker - still use pumpkin today with my young dog just a dessert spoon or same amount mashed sweet potato.
It was hard at first always having a batch rice and the price of white fish but it got him stable. I also was told small meals several times a day were best.
Can't comment on the Purina, did get several cans of something at first - but found topping up with my own was best.
One other thing my old boy could not have chicken breast - white fish was best and occasionally plain natural cottage cheese. Might mention asking vet about Prebotics but some I understand can upset.
Thanks HooBear, it's great to hear from others' experiences.
We had her for a week back at 'Stage 2' and now she's had a week on the smaller increase taking 1/5 tin Purina & 60g of Burns a day (over 2 meals) without any problems. Thankfully!
I forgot to mention she takes a Purina probiotic Fortiflora, recommended by the vet. It's been very helpful.

I've been told about pumpkin before and I'm tempted to try a little as her stools are very firm. But last time I was in the shop the tin was call 'pumpkin pie filling' and I wasn't sure that was right. Is there a particular brand I should look out for ? Does it just need to say '100% pumpkin' in the ingredients?
Yes it must be just 100% puree as the one with pie filling has sweetners so no good for doggies Sainsbury do Baking Buddy which is just pumpkin puree - I have only really used this but brand this time year it might not be in stock, the only other I have used which is so pricey is America's Finest from Waitrose. Think the one with added sugars and spices is Libby's.

Sainsbury had the Baking Buddy @nectar price £1 normally £1.60 so I literally got went mad and stocked up. Places like Amazon have it too.
Thank you for mentioning the Purina Fortiflora.
It is a strange illness - all can be calm and then just flare up. Ollie was a English cocker with some working while Hoo is Blue Roan.

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