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Do dogs actually "smile"


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Im a pro dog carer for many years now and fall more deeply in love with them week by week....just so you know this is not me being cynical:
Ive noticed in doggie posts like on YouTube how often humans attribute the open mouth tongue hanging thing to the dog smiling. I think this could be "oh look, she's smiling its ok"
I invite feedback
Definitely misleading - after all, dolphins never stop smiling, do they?

Having said that, dog-savvy people who know their dogs well can read when their dogs are happy and doing the equivalent of a smile, which can also look like a smile. But it's more about the eyes and maybe the body posture than the mouth.

And then of course there's 'Oh look, they're friendly, they're wagging their tail' :rolleyes:

Oh, and welcome to the forum :)
Great reply which resonnates intuitively.

Dolphins even smile when they are fighting for territory 🤣
Id say its more about eye shape and they way my dogs ears are set that tells me the mood..

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