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Does anyone else groom/clip/cut their dogs themselves?


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Teddy had a quick go over with the clippers today. He does have a shorter spot on his head but overall he looks tidier :D he loves getting clipped too and was half asleep relaxing. He does the same thing when I clean his ears too.
Yes, i do Timber. Its less stressful for him (he doesn't really like being fussed over by strangers). He is always scruffy but I like him like that.
I do our lot about 3 times a year. I have never taken any of my dogs to be "clipped".
Feet are always kept short, in between toes too, trousers/knickers short too. The winter time is the most essential time, when the weather causes so much wet and loads of mud!
It helps when keeping them tidy, to prevent too much dirt being brought into the house. (all of them live indoors with us) Short feet are essential for all of them!
I would never take the risk of anyone shaving them all over. They need the protection of their outer course hairs to keep them waterproof while out working. I do spend quiet a lot of time plucking the soft fluffy hairs rather than cutting them off. 3 of our 6 have lovely short type coats and only their feet need attention.
Teddy has more of a short working coat than the longer show coat. I keep his feet short, the tangly bit behind his ears and hygiene areas short. He also has a really long clip over the main part of his body and I trim his feathers. He is a pet and lives indoors, doesn't work etc and wears a coat in bad rain and cold weather.
This was him before and after yesterday.


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I do a basic shampoo and trim around his eyes so he can see out but otherwise it's the groomer. Harri has a very thick double coat and I want to preserve his colouring and he needs his waterproof top coat so clipping is not an option.

He gets a partial strip every 3 months to get rid of as much of his undercoat as we can. You can rarely find any skin there is so much of it. I probably do need to learn how to strip but although he is co operative his coat isn't easy to do.
Our dog Moxie lets us clip her and actually is super happy after! She loves it because her hair gets in her eyes and she can see much better. So when daddy has his scissors out she knows what's happening and usually stays perfectly still.
I hand strip my border terriers myself, once took one of my dogs for hand stripping and they used clippers on the dog. The swore blind they hadn't but you could see step marks in the fur from the clippers. So never again.
Ive always taken care of my dogs myself.. Admittedly theres not much that needs doing on a beagle but Teddy was a toy kees hound and his coat was one huge mat of hair when we got him.. It took two weeks of gentle daily grooming but I saved his coat..
Max was a cross Bouvier des Flanders/ St Bernard and we just clipped him once a year so that he didnt overheat in summer.
Claws when needed, washes and general trims are all within my capabilities.
I do Teddy myself. He isn't a show dog and has a relatively easy coat for a cocker. I clipped the longer hair shorter on his belly and legs the other day as with it being winter it just gets disgusting and he is constantly in mud, bushes, bogs etc.
I do our cocker who has a silky worker's coat. I don't do a complete session- his tolerance isn't that great- but do a clip and tidy when brushing.I hand strip his ears which he will allow after a long walk, a big meal and the chance for a cuddle on the sofa. Seems fair enough.
I do Folly myself, but a Whippet must be the easiest dog to groom, go over with a hound glove, which she loves but its simply stroking her with a glove on. Dremal her nails every couple of weeks and thats it.
I typically do. Since I like to and I mean, I do work at a grooming salon so it would make sense, haha. But is nice to just send them away for the day and have them come back all clean......
A lady I know has three Shih Tzu's and although she does not show she keeps them in full coat and grooms them herself, she says she loves doing it and finds it to be a wonderful stress reliever.

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