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Looking For Dog boarding (not dog kennels) near great yarmouth?


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Do you provide private home dog boarding (not commercial dog kennels) near Great Yarmouth or Lowestoft?

Or can you give me a personal review/recommendation of a home dog boarder you have used in Norfolk or Suffolk as I do not mind driving to a good place for my dog to have his holiday while I have mine :D

I have found a few websites but none that other dog owners I know have used.
I can only find one pet care company close to me in Gt Yarmouth that provides the sort of service I am looking for. Loads of dog sitters near me but I am really looking for a private home to board my dog in.

I don't suppose anyone on the forum has used or can recommend Sniffit Pet Care and their dog boarding in a house? Or any other person or company?
I cannot see any testimonials on the website. You really need to ask people that have used the service. Karen (the carer) has not worked "professionally" with dogs. If I left my dog I would like the sitter to have been a vet nurse, or a kennel hand, or an experienced, professional dog trainer.
Cheers for reply and good advice.

Issues are I personally don't trust any sites own testimonials, anyone can type those themselves. Unless there is some way to use a recognised testimonial thing?

It would be great to have a ex dog vet who offered a dog hotel but I don't know of anyone around here who is that qualified, one of the problems living in Norfolk.

One of the really positive things for that Sniffit company is they are officially registered and recognised by the local Great Yarmouth council. No one else seems to be licensed and the only other options are the dreaded commercial pet kennels. So my choice is limited.

I guess having your dogs stay and pay for someone else s own home is a fairly new thing and that is why not many people around my area have used and can review them. Worth a try though and thanks everyone for attempting to help and replying :)
Home boarding has been going on for years. It is just not terribly profitable. People usually do it if they are home for some other reason such as child care. Try asking your local dog trainer. Sometimes people will do a one off favour but not want to set themselves up in business doing it.

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