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I went to a talk given by a Major Dog Food Company that insisted dogs were omnivores, and made a Big Thing about having colostrum in their puppy food. I didn't want to embarrass the lecturer, who was very nice, so waited until after to ask her what the colostrum was. Bovine, it turned out. Apart from the ethics, I wasn't convinced that bovine colostrum would provide any benefit to weaned puppies, and I got an agreement off the record. But of course she had to stick to her script and toe the party line.

You really can't serve God and Mammon.
When you read whats in Royal canin food it makes your hair curl...:rolleyes::mad:
Sid was on satiety for a while for his weight but when i found out what was in it i stopped. has a hormone in it to make the brain think it is full :(:(
I quickly switched him back to raw with plenty of veggies
My vet also said to put my beardie on Satiety but I know through research that all R/C diets are full of rubbish, don't know how they are allowed to sell it.

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