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Dog Grooming

Hello Banderson - welcome to Dog Forum - do you have a dog?
Hi!! :)

What is the project all about? What course are you doing? :)
I love my 'wash'n'wear' whippets!! They can get absolutely filthy, then by the time we're home the mud is dry and just falls off them. A kong zoom groom is all I use. I have two that shed horribly, one that I can't get a hair off of, and two that just shed a teeny bit.

Aside from that a bit of tail and trouser trimming before a show and nail dremelling/clipping weekly (or try to weekly) and that's about it.
Sorry, but your questions don't have relevant answers for dogs that need grooming but don't need clipping, or for dogs that need daily grooming.

I've got a very long haired GSD who takes up to half an hour of grooming a day to keep her coat in good condition, but if she has the regular grooming that she needs then the only reason she would go to a groomers (or have a groomer come to us) is for a bath, dry and comb out, as clipping is not really a suitable way to manage her coat. It also would be unsuitable for dogs that need hand stripping or other specialist grooming.

Because of this I can't answer your questions. I currently sort out Molly's coat myself, but that is a daily job which can't be replaced with a monthly visit to a salon.

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