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Hi, I have two female dogs. One is a jack Russell & 4 years old and has been spayed. The other is a Yorkshire terrier cross king charles spaniel, she is 15 months old & just started her second season. What I wondering is my Jack Russell has started humping my Yorkshire terrier since her season began. Is this normal & why does she do it? My husband laughs & says she is gay. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you
This is perfectly normal behaviour. Do not worry about it. I have never looked in to the theories behind it because it's never bothered us!

Someone else with more knowledge of the thinking behind dog behaviour will be along to help you soon :)
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My spayed female Whippet humps my male Shih Tzu when she gets excited. He don't worry about it at all. But as a friend said, how many males would object to a slim, long legged good looking blond getting fruity with them.
It is just a natural instinct. Dogs do not "think" they just react to stimulus. She is being stimulated by the smell of your in-season bitch and it triggers a reaction.

If you want it to stop just distract her with something she enjoys doing more.

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