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Dog massage

Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by Louise123, Dec 13, 2021.

  1. Louise123

    Louise123 New Member Registered

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    Hi, looking for some advice please. Is there any dog massage therapists on here? I have discovered dog massage whilst looking for methods to help my old dog with arthritis. He's on meds but thought massage may benefit aswell. I have found Canine Clinical Massage, Galen Myotherapy and ICAT, which all sound great in different ways. I am very interested and would love to enrol on a course eventually. Which one would you recommend? What are the differences, particularly with accreditation and credibility? Thank you
  2. Tinytom

    Tinytom Well-Known Member Registered

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    TT is a great way to relax muscles and relax our dogs ....
    I did a course in infant massage many years ago as my son suffered from asthma and this has helped with my dogs too ...
    My two older lurchers back legs are suffering. ..i now put a coat on victor in the damp weather and when it is cold so his back and back legs dont get too cold ....keeping them warm is key as with humans that suffer from arthritis. ...
    Good luck in your search
  3. Lucy Howard

    Lucy Howard New Member Registered

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    @Louise123 did you find a dog massage therapist and if you did was it worth it?

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