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Dog not eating her food


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My dog is a 3 1/2 year old Jack Russell, recently she has gone off her food (bakers, small dog) and I am starting to get worried, I have been trying to tempt her by adding other food to it, but anything else she eats is making her sick. Can anyone help? Thank you.
how long off food??? and do you keep food down all day?? the best way is food down if dog dosnt eat after ten mins take it away and put back down in evening and so on... hows the dogs motions??? if your really worried its the vets but costly things they are.. best of luck...
If you are swapping her food you need to do it really gradually or a sudden switch from one food to another can be whats making her sick.

Bakers isn't a good food- go to whichdogfood to look at independent reviews and help choose another brand if you are wanting to swap. Some pet stores will give samples if you ask.

Otherwise, lurcherman has given good advice- leave food down for 10 mins max. Don't fuss or hover round her. If she doesn't eat then move it until tea time. If you are worried and the sickness continues its best to get her checked by the vet- good luck :)
I would personally try a good grain free kibble or raw diet (however do some research into the raw to get the best out of it.) Raw does not suit every dog!
I had this problem with my boy Theo while he was on royal canin - and he started to loose weight quite quickly. Are you changing food over at the moment or have you made any other changes? The vet will advise you to feed chicken and rice to get them to eat, but I changed theo over onto a new food (The Natural Dog Food Company) and he ate the whole lot put down which he hadn't done for days. After that he ate every meal without any hassel.

Have you been to see the vet if you are still worried?
I'm having a similar problem,y 2 year old jackapoo has gone off her food either. I have tried 5 different brands of dry kibble, all good quality and she just wont eat! Currently she is on symply. I'm at a complete loss with her now. It's since moved her off puppy food (Royal canin) my dad still has some of it and when we go round she clears the bowl in minutes. I don't know if I should just put her back on the puppy food or if this is no good for her now but she will literally goes days without eating. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Puppy food as an adult will just make her fat, but have you tried Royal Canin adult food?

We had a similar situation with Molly which was combined with her getting diarrhoea off every prepared food we could find, and now she's a happy and healthy raw fed dog because it's the only thing that she doesn't have an upset stomach on. She loves it, compared to dry food it's actually not expensive and we've got a healthier dog who keeps the weight on.

It's quite possible that she's realised that she's getting you to change her food so she just has to hold out until you give her what she wants.

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