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Dog not himself

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by jayj, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. jayj

    jayj New Member Registered

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    Hello. I have an 11 years old staffy who is going blind, 3 weeks ago we lost one of our cats she was 18 years old and had to be put to sleep, anyway the dog as been a bit down since the cat died, but since Thursday he as been behaving strange he just lies down staring and shaking he as been lying in funny places he looks very sad and he as been going of is food earlier today my partner tryed look at is foot as we thought he was a bit unsteady anyway he bit him and my partner spent 4 hours in a&e,
    Please don’t all jump on me and tell me he needs to see a vet I understand that he does, I just feel so upset as anyone experienced this in there dog
  2. Kara 1

    Kara 1 Active Member Registered

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    We took on an elderly terrier so she didnt have to die in kennels ...she was nearly blind and deaf and would snap to bite if she didn't hear you when she started lashing out more we found out she was in kidney failure and must have been in pain ...
    Maybe his foot is painful and that is why he would have bitten you say you know he needs to see the vet ..let us know how you get on and i hope your partner is ok ...
  3. JudyN

    JudyN Well-Known Member Registered

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    I'm sorry for the loss of your cat, and that your Staffie is clearly unhappy. It's horrible and a terrible shock when your loved dog bites you, but as you know, he's not well and it's understandable that he's feeling particularly defensive. Any dog can bite in certain circumstances, even those people he loves best.

    I hope when you see the vet you can get some answers and the vet can suggest something that will make him feel more comfortable, physically and/or mentally. Also that your partner heals well. Do let us know how it goes.
  4. Mad Murphy

    Mad Murphy Well-Known Member Registered

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    Agree with all thats been said. You know this isnt like your dog so when a dog acts out of character you have to ask yourself why.
    Dog who are losing their sight can become unsure, but dogs who are in pain will also bite.
    Im sorry you lost your cat and its totally understandable that your dog is grieving. I know some 'experts' will tell you they dont but they do and that will only make your dog feel more unsure about things right now.

    You say you know you have to see a vet, so wait to see if the vet thinks there is any physical problem but in the meantime try not to be too distressed as your dog will feel that too. And please keep us up to date.

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