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Dear dog community

our name is CrossLeash and we are working on a really cool product which we think you will love!!

We are reaching out to all of you to spare 30 seconds of your time and answer the questions found in the link below (from This will help us a great deal for tuning our product to your needs. You will see, it will really take 30 seconds!!

Its for the good of our dogs :)

thank you

the CrossLeash team
Hi there,

I have just completed your survey, though I'm not sure how useful my answers will be to you as I am a professional dog walker. This meant the majority of your questions did not apply. If you do not want this kind of cross-over in your answers, is it worthwhile you making a statement / disclaimer in your original post as to what your survey is targeting ie dog owners not dog walkers?

The Dog House, Watford

Dog Walking. Daycare. Training.

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