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dog poo not nice but important

Ken Thomas

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my dog dose not like to poo at home, so take him out every morning now he gets very excited about going out but when he first goes' it quite firm the 2nd time its runny and the 3rd time it mostly mucus, put him on probiotics about 10 days ago seams a bit better but should i do anything else.
It's not that unusual - the first one of the day has had more time to 'cook' . The scientific version of that is to do with moisture absorption, @Hemlock explains it well.
Has he always been like this, or could it be related to the changes in the food you've been giving him?
Feeding him too much .....?????
been on this food quite a while, cut his food from 140 to 110 3 times a day, he has always been like this vet put him on a different probiotics, he gets very excited in the morning, today there was less mucus than normal he normally goes once a day but this afternoon he did about 3 drops but it looked like poo
Although those of us who feed commercial food feed the same food (we think) ingredients differ according to what is cheap and easily obtained, so while the list on the bag or tin is the same, from time to time the amounts of each change, and if our dogs are sensitive to one or more of the ingredients, the dog will show anything it is sensitive to much in the way yours does.

Additionally, first poos are always more solid because they have spent longer in the hindgut having fluids absorbed. Subsequent poos are looser because they have a higher water content due to less time for absorption, and if the dog is an exciteable sort, that can loosen things up as well. Runny poos are unimportant if part of that sequence but mucus is more indicative of a food sensitivity.
Hi @Ken Thomas - sorry to hear that you're struggling with your dog's gut health...

You may want to check out an at-home gut microbiome test for your dog. We've just launched our testing service in the UK (look up Treat Therapeutics :) ) . You just mail your sample into our Cambridge labs via the post and they give you an analysis of your dog's gut health + actions to take.

Might be worth a try to make sure nothing critical is going unaddressed in your dog's gut.

Let me know if you have any questions would be glad to help you out and share our findings
Hi ken! Unable to send links at the moment, but if you search "Treat Therapeutics" it should come up!

We sell in the UK and in Singapore. It can also help address issues like fussiness and allergies :)

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