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Dog sports?


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Wondering what sports/ shows/ events people enjoy doing with their dogs? I have a 6 month old cocker spaniel, not kc regd. He is quite athletic and likes to be active. Wondering what things we could do togther in the future...
Canicross, bikejoring? Flyball or agility? Not that I actually do these sort of energetic things you understand ... :rolleyes:

Or you could work him - @excuseme would be able to tell you all about that.
I think you have to be a social type of person to do that sort of thing...Im not , so Murphy just has lots of adventures in the countryside with OH and myself.
Agility would definitely be ideal, spaniels love agility and are very quick as well as very accurate and intelligent, also, if yours are water-obsessed like my lab, Dock Diving might be worth a go. For agility, I would recommend Bonny Quick/Kim Loaring in Wellington - really have a great way with dogs

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