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Selling Dog Training in Maidstone Kent

Cuan K9

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have recently set up a dog training company called Cuan K9 Training Services
Ltd .We do agility classes,puppy training, obedience classes’ security dog handler’s courses
and also do home visits and dog wlaking. Our training centre is located just outside Maidstone
Kent , Two minutes from Leeds castle. If you are interested we are taking
bookings for the first week of March and we do cover weekends. Add Cuan Canine
on facebook, email or call the numbers below. Hopefully look forward to
training with you soon.

Rebecca Clarke

Instructor Trainer

Cuan K9 Training Services Ltd

T: +44 (0) 7910606591

M: +44 (0) 7758210834


Facebook Cuan Canine add as friedn like our page Cuan K9 Training Services Ltd
Welcome Rebecca - I am Anna! :)

Do you have a dog yourself?
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Yes I have 5 and thanks for the help on here. Me and my partner have 3 German Shepherds and 2 Belgian Malinois.

Hey Becky, if you click on 'More Reply Options' there is an upload facility :)

Here' s four of them and will just add another of the old boy hes 13 years old. We have a youtube account called CuanK9 have a look at our dogs odour quite funny do you have a facebook.
What do you think of our spoof its with one of our dogs we do tv work and displays with, she is a diva lol
haha thats so cool!

Your dogs are gorgeous!
Thanks if you got other ideas for shoots u want done can do them just let me know , we got another one that coming out in March thats about dont let your dogs control you, ( then we show some shoots of a dog flushing the loo ,hoovering and loads more) will post on here when its done.
they sound great!

There are lots of recurring issues we see on here, I will go have a look and come back with some suggestions?

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