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Selling Dog Walking & Pet Sitting & Dog Transport in Carlisle

Discussion in 'Dog Classifieds' started by, Sep 23, 2017.

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    Dog Walking

    When would you need Dog Walking ?

    We recognises that there are times when you will be unable to fully meet your dog’s needs:

    • due to work
    • family event or visit
    • social commitments
    • your illness or injury

    Why Dog Walking service with us?


    • professional dog walkers team
    • flexible booking (all year, inc. bank holidays)
    • regular arrangement or occasional basis
    • dog walking in small group or individual
    • welcome dogs with behavior issues (individual dog walking)
    We are fully insured!

    Pet Sitting & Home Visit

    Why Dog Sitting service with us?


    • We can spend time with your doggie at your home and:

      play and socialise with puppy
    • spend time with elderly dog
    • care for unwell dog or at recovering time
    • offer company and cuddles

    Your pet will be able to enjoy a friendly environment during your absence!

    • Additional we can:

      walking your dog
    • brushing your dog
    • feed other pets (for example: cats, fish, birds etc.)
    • put bins in/out
    • water the plants



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