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Dog wants to play not potty outside then whines to go out for potty when I take her in.

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She has only once done a wee indoors at the dogsitters and that was on a furry mat that other dogs go on and is the one thing I think she still associates with ok to go, i.e when I took her to a friends 4 months ago she weed on his furry rug (but she wont do it on a long regular rug) though that may in part be that up until 4 and a half months ago I was using fake turf mats for her indoors so she may associate certain surfaces with being ok to go.

For her wanting out again around 4am I had a thought, I started her on adult food last week (4 days after she started the meds and 2 days before they ended) so its possible its affecting her somewhat and I should of weaned her off puppy food over more time, shes a year old now.

Took her to doggy daycare today as had an hospital appointment and when I picked her up , she wasn't interested in going to the field and came straight in and just napped
Ok I have been thinking of ways to interact with her more, anyway something interesting has happened in the last few days, out of the blue on Saturday she seemed to be exhausted all day I put this down to the heavy wind on Friday night as she kept barking every 5 or 10 minutes from about 11.30pm to just after 1am keeping me awake then after she woke at 7am for her business she did the same, but then she slept all day Sunday too just wanted out at her normal walk times and every now and again for toilet, yesterday she was much calmer than usual too, and today she was back to normal then around 5pm started getting hyper and wanting out pretty much all the time, i.e took her out for toilet after her dinner, she wanted out again and barked non stop, I thought she needed poop as she normally gets cranky and restless then and she did it and came back in and still the same, took her out she did a big wee and waited a few minutes took her back in, she was the same on top of having zoomies

Also last night she wanted out at 1.30am and 4.30am and 7am yet we only went to bed at 11.15pm. I was going to phone the vet again tomorrow as its been 3 weeks since she got medicine and thats enough time passed to see if its through her system, she also decided to take herself to bed after we woke up at 8.30am today after she had breakfast and went out for a hour.
Ok it's so hard to see if she is genuinely ill or playing games or the truth is in between.

Since she was on the medicine 3 weeks ago she stopped drinking as much but wants out as much if not more and is very vocal about it and if I take her oute and she doesn't go potty and we have been out 10 minutes I take her in and the cycle continues until she goes at which point she calms for 1-3 hours.

I also am not sure if shes in season again but it seems far too early, she is starting to get hyper again and she may be scent marking and out of nowhere the bed I bought her about 3 months ago that until a few days ago she never slept in she is starting to sleep in and she is licking her bits a lot on top of getting very jumpy with people on walks, earlier today the neighbours dog whom she has a crush on she actually jumped over the fence to see him and again a few minutes later it was lucky I have a long lead, and she has been chewing things a little mixed with at bedtime suddenly wanting to snuggle very close.

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