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Dog washing/cleaning

Sorry no,I can live with that all day long lol I meant the strong smell of perfume which had been shampooed or sprayed on to her.
Sorry no,I can live with that all day long lol I meant the strong smell of perfume which had been shampooed or sprayed on to her.
I have seen on the dog groomers leaflet 'dog spray' being mentioned and I understood it being kind of 'deodorant' :eek::rolleyes: Yes....I just cannot understand this kind of 'trend' or thing about scents these days...candles, room fragrances, drier sheet, other laundry products, cleaning products, 'spray for this and that'....absolutely bonkers! When I plan to go to do some shopping, I have to take antihistamin to arm myself against what is about to hit my lungs. Laundry isles I either avoid altogether or rush through holding my breath.
I mustn't moan about it any further or I will never stop....:mad: I just hate the scent industry and its is been over done and used!
Yes,I didn't realise it was such a thing until I mentioned it to my neighbour a few years ago,she is an allergy specialist.. Synthetic perfume does have an effect on the body,there was a good programme on Netflix called Stink which goes into a lot of detail. The worst culprit is plug in air 'fresheners'.Mrs Hinch and all her cleaning ideas with highly scented products all over the house,Zoflora and alike sends me into hives!! I had to walk out of Next while in the queue because they had every scent of reed diffusers open and I was struggling.
I stick to Method or Ecover for cleaning,they smell great but non toxic for us and our dogs. Personally I think it's as I have gotten older the body is less tolerant! This is not meant to be a rant but my voyage of discovery once I had opened Pandora's Box.
The worst culprit is plug in air 'fresheners'.
I went into a house that had one plugged in beneath a shelf. The paint on the underside of the shelf was all blistered and peeling, just above the air freshener.

I won't have them in the house although I do have a couple of good quality reed diffusers.
Yes there a few companies I use that are not harmful,usually more expensive but I am always on the look out for small independent companies.
Even certain essential oils we have to be aware of for our pets safety. It's a minefield!

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