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dog wont eat

Ken Thomas

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gets hungry but won't eat dog food. likes a wet sloppy food but can't find one.
Short term, what about mixing warm water with a wet food to make it sloppier?

Longer term, it might be a good idea to book a dental check?
won't eat kibble, but think that part of it could be stress, was in hospital for 7 weeks and he could hear me on the phone when I phoned the wife.
Sorry to hear you've been in hospital, I do hope you're home and well now. I would second the dental check as he is an olden isn't he? You being away could also of affected his eating, anxiety and stress will impact appetite for sure. Try adding warm water to the wet food as @JoanneF suggested or if you boil up some chicken or a carcass add the broth to his food, might make it more appealing. Hopefully he'll settle and eat better now you're home.
starting to eat a bit better using some of our foodso he will eat,could be he is 13 years old.

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