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Dog's odd diet


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My dog's a Shizchu and Birchon Frise Crossbred, and is about a year and a half old (She's so adorable)

Whenever we fill her food bowl up, (We feed her Wet food), she always picks up some of the food with her mouth, and drops it on the carpet about a meter away from her bowl, she does this with a few lumps of her food, then eats the rest of her food in her bowl, and then eats the food on the carpet after.

This keeps getting our Carpet really messy, and we don't know if it's because of the food we give her, or just because she dislikes wet food, or something else. If anyone has a way to get her to just eat all of her food in her Food bowl instead of moving it away from her food bowl, I'd appreciate it.
The most inportant thing is getting the dog eating all the food so i wouldnt be worried bout a few drops, can u put a mat down or feed him away from carpet? Like i said ur dog is eating so thats a plus..
Could you give her a little food mat to the side of her bowl. A few of our dogs have done this (not a problem with dry food, but can be a pain in the bum with raw feeding). They just like to step away and munch. Just one of their quirks. So if you can put down a small towel, or washable rug nearby that could solve the problem of the carpet?

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