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Donemana Show

Discussion in 'Hound' started by billyboy45, May 10, 2010.

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    Just thought id better give a wee rundown,of our 1st show this year,and how it went.From start to finish.Simulated coursing was a pretty good success,and only on a couple of occasions,did things get a wee bit,tangled up.This happened,because the lure string,somehow got under the pullet wheel,and jammed the lure.Other than that,we had a briliant 300yrd + course.With 3 very good jumps.Some folk said that the 3ft jumps were far to high,for the dogs to clear.But come on folks.3ft.I have pups here,who were clearing 3ft,at 4/5 months of age.The dogs that could jump,and went into the final stages of the competition.Showed how a well trained lurcher,should take a fence.In the final,we had a wee dog,who'd never seen this kind of thing,in it's life before,and another great wee athlete.In the form of big Jacko's wee speed merchant.He may have got beaten fair n square,by a dog very similar in hight,shape and colour,to his own.But he stood with his son,and their wee dog.As proud a man,as ive seen in a long ,long time.These to dogs put up the best performance by far,of the competition.The winner went flat out,from start to finish,and cleared every fence with ease.Although it was a very tight finish on the line.Jacko's wee dog,missed a jump.So with that in mind.Had lost the course anyhow.A big well done lads.

    In the whippet racing.We elected to just use the bottom half of the race course.Which was a good tight 2oo yard run,and with a good clinb uphill,to the finish line.Eddie Mc Kinstry,and Lizz's 2 fine wee racing merchants took the honours of this one,in fine style.These 2 are a hard we pair to catch.Well done you 2.Another fine win.

    In the terrier racing,we had just the one run off.Between 6 terriers.Barry Holland,from the club won this.With a dog that has been nothching up a few wins lately.

    Then the lurcher racing kicked off,and had a nice surprise for me.In the shape and form,of my own wee Shadow bitch.A couple of months ago,this girl wouldnt even look at a lure.Never mind chase one.She litteraly flew up the field,in the 1st heat.This consisted of a 400yrd,uphill climb.Than totaly exausted,quite a few well bred lurchers,of different breeds.Shadow seems to be pretty fit now,and can stay well.She never even blew,at the top of the hill.Which was another surprise.As this was a hell of a run,and she put all she had,into it.I cant remember who won the next heats.But big Jacko's wee dog was in there,and that,after running in the simulated.A few hours earlyer. It was very hard to see the dogs,or the lure,for the 1st 200yrds,as there is a wee rise n fall,between the 2 fields.This caused me to misjudge the 1st run of the unders final.Shadow caught the lure,as it passed from the one field,to the next.She was a distance in front,at the time too.So after a short discussion.It was decided to run them straight back up.Again,she was a distance in front,and made my wee dodgy ticker give a few extra beats.Just to see something thats been worked very,very hard on.Pay off.

    In the overs racing.I was a wee bit nervous for Kirsty's Dannyboy dog.As i didnt think everything was one hundred percent right with him.The other fact was,that there were quite a few realy racey looking strange dogs n bitches about.That none of us knew anything about.But this is what makes it more interesting.To add to this.On the 2 occasions that we were down making sure the coursing and racing tracks were not only safe enough.But that the lure would opperate well on them.We took Danny along,to give him a couple of 200yrd runs up the bottom field,as part of his fittness program.I was scared that when he reached the top of the 1st field,that he would stop chacing,and expect the lure to fly round a pulley,and over to where my car was sitting.Just like on the 2 previous occasions.I shouldnt have worried though.Cause he never missed a stride,from bottom to top.Unlike Shadow though,he was blowing very hard. In the final,he was losing a bit of pace,over the last 100 yrds or so,and only won by a few lenghts,to a very strong big black dog. But,another job well done for Kirsty,and it made me a proud old bugger.

    As for the showing end folks.I was far too buisy to even know who had won what.As i went and got the whippet racing under way,and finished up.While the showing of the lurchers n terriers was going on.I will get the results up,soon as i get them though. All in all.Things went quite well,but for one hell of a rainfall.Which just about sent all running for cover. Looking forward now,to July 31st,and hopefully a bigger and better turnout than we had.Owing to Ballywalter,being on,the same day as us.This obviously cut our attendence badly.But to all you folk who made our 1st show a success.A very big THANKYOU. We couldnt have done it without you folks. See you all in a fortnights time,at Keerans show. Sorry there are no racing pix of this one.I may be multi talented at times.But i still havent got the multi functional bit together yet,lol.

    Our thanx go to Deadie Mc Coy. For taking all those great show pix.So from the club as a whole Deidrie.Thankyou.
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