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dragonhill + ladiesfield

Gerben Groustra

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Dear all

I do write in Norwegian sighthound-magazines, mostly hunting, coursing ,and the local substitute lurechasing.

I would like to do a kennel-profile on the following

legendary ladies , MRS Cleeve of the Dragonhills and

Margareth Wigg of the Ladiesfield kennels.

Has any of you seen or read anything on the ladies so i can compile a kennel biography.

Hi Gerben,

I haven't seen anything published about either lady - perhaps other people have?....  I'm not sure about Mrs Wigg, but I do know that Mary Lowe is probably your best bet for Mrs Cleeve, as the Dragonhill whippets were left to her when Mrs Cleeve died.  Most of the Nimrodel lines go back to Dragonhill, as I'm sure you already know from your pedigree research.

I seem to remember seeing articles about both these ladies in old copies of the Whippet Times. I shall try and look them out for you.
Hi Gerben,

Good to hear from you, I hope all is well with you and your whippets.

I may be able to help a bit on information about Margaret Wigg.  I bought my first whippet from her in 1952, and she was such a kind lady.  She wrote long letters to me telling me all about whippets and how to look after the puppy. I  would like to help if you tell me what you need to know.


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