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Dreaded Anal Glands/Itchiness

Cath S

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Hi. Been a while since I last posted. Finally got Freddie on a diet that seems to have sorted his tummy issues. However….we now have the dredded anal gland issues and he also seems more itchy (not sure if that is seasonal). Does anybody have any advice? We tried so many diets on him so reluctant to change if we don’t have to. Anybody know of any supplements which could help? Bearing in mind he has IBD? Thanks in advance.
Hi, we had this issue with our last dog Jimmy, who is no longer with us. This meant some visits to the vets to have his anal glands manually expressed, much to his displeasure. We tried several things:
  • Pro Fibre food additive
  • Pumpkin
  • Diet change
  • Some ground bone, I think, sprinkled on food to harden up poo
There may be some others, but I can't recall. Whilst Jimmy's poos were formed and had shape, they were always soft and we never really got to the bottom of it (pun half intended). We now have a new dog, Rusty, who has been with us for just over 5 weeks and over the last few days his poos got softer and softer, and are now basically liquid so I have revisited this and it looks like we might try a pre-prepared raw diet. Incidentally, he is itchy, too.

I'm sure others will be along with more helpful input, but I do feel your frustration.
Libby my chi x had gland problems . I give her a piece of carrot every day and it seems to have helped.

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