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Droncit vs Milbemax


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My former vet was recommending NextGuard Spectra monthly with Milbemax quaterly. So this is what we gave Waffle until now (he is 2.5 years old). But the new veterinary clinic told me that they would not sell NextGuard Spectra with Milbemax together as they both have the same active ingredient. They told me to use NextGuard Spectra with Droncit instead.

After doing a bit of research, Droncit protects again tapeworm (as Milbemax). So it would seem ok.
However, as I am cautious by nature, I am wondering if it is common to use NextGuard Spectra with Droncit and if you agree with the advice from the new vet to not use NextGuard Spectra with Milbemax? Thanks!
We use nexguard monthly during the warmer weather when ticks are around and droncit for the tapeworms ;)

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