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Dumb Question? Can Humans Get Mange?


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Ok, you lot are probably going to think im a real dumb blonde, but I need some help here lol. :b

At work, I have been adopted by the business owners terrier :wub: . He is a real delight and has an amazing character and sense of humour and has me in stitches after one antic or other. He developed a few bumps on his head, tiny little things which seemed to be just little scabs and after seeing his belly was scratched, I thought he had been 'brambled'.

Anyway, yesterday, his owner came round and told me that she had taken him to the vets for his annual booster and he had been diagnosed with sarcoptic mange and had subsequently been treated with injections and a special wash. The vet advised she tell people who might have had contact with the terrier of his condition, in case they started to itch too.

Now, typically, im as itchy as old buggery ( psychological??) and where the thought of having possibly contracted mange doesnt really fill me with great joy, I can think of many worse things to have. :eek: I have looked on the internet re: mange and all sites say that the parasites do not live long on humans, but none of them say wether they might live long enough on me to then hop off onto my dogs. Does anyone know??????
From My Vet Nursing Book : - Sarcoptes infection in dogs will infect humans but normally the lesions are small and self limiting. If you are worried you will need to go to the doctor but as you said it might all be in you head I know I get Itchy if I even See a Flea.
I've found that the older I get, the worse reactions I have to things and many plants and things bring me out all itchy scratchy, so I could be itching cos of any of the millions of things Ive been rolling round in at work. :eek: As I said, being lurgified doesnt worry me that much, but I dont want to infect the dawgs!
i had a dog in for boarding once that had this and i got scabies (which is the nice name they give to humans when they get mange!) its highly usually starts on the inside of your wrists and then spreads but a few washes in the stuff the doc gives you will get rid of it.i caught it at school too went all round our school but i dunno who it started with!trust me if youve got scabies youll know it and it wont be your imagination! :thumbsup:
Sure you've not got it or passed it on to yours peony :luck: Take it they are not scratching?

Even reading your post has started me itching :b get the same if anyone mentions fleas or head lice :blink:
Check out the fox rescue web sites for treatment. :thumbsup:

They've had greater success of treating fox mange with homeopathic treatment and simply by adding oil to the foxes diet.

Seems that it's a parasite that lives in all our skin and gets bad under stress.

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