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Duncton dark kinght x silskpun blackbird litter


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Have not been on here for a while - very proud that Paula and her Dad with the Silkspun dogs chose our young boy Sonic (Duncton Dark Knight) as sire for their litter of puppies out of Duchess (Silkspun Blackbird).

4 girls and 1 boy, now 5 weeks old, all spoken for and going to their new homes in a couple of weeks (photos taken at 4 weeks).


Thanks Gaye. Looking forward to having our boy Manny coming to live with us.
He is so sweet and yummy, hope he is a good boy. I will want cuddles when I see him.


Thanks Gaye - lots of puppy cuddles on their way when we get back racing :huggles: In fact there are going to be so many young pups at Andover when we get back that we might all get puppy cuddle overload! Happy New Year to yourself, Ray and your boys.
Now at 20 weeks - first visit to the track last Sunday

what a worried little face and those ears!! he is so sweet


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