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Ear Clipping


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I have two cockapoo's and the groomers always want to pluck their ears. They don't get ear issues really but they're 18 months and 36 months old. So perhaps it's something they'll get issues with as they get older? And clipping them now would help with that?

When I say clipping, I think mean using tweezers to pluck hairs out of the inside.

What's your view guys?
Not a groomer but I think if there is a lot of hair in their ears it can completely close up the ear canal x
It's called hand-stripping and probably a good thing for them to get used to. I do my cocker spaniel's ear myself- it keeps the coat thinner near the skin and delicate ear canals- also cooler and less likely to hold seeds or other irritants. This means the ear will stay healthier in the long run. I only do a little at a time with my boy. He has to be in the mood, i.e. tired, full and on my knee!

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