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Please help my dog keeps scratching her ears especially when excited, I've tried all sorts from the vets to no avail she is a show cocker
To solve any problem properly, it's helpful to know what might be causing it in the first place.

Has your vet actually checked her ears for infection, wax build up, mites etc?
They say it's yeast and gave me canestan drops but they aren't doing anything we have klear wash I've bathed them in salt water don't know what to do for her
If it's yeast, it's also a good idea to get her diet as low in carbohydrates as possible, yeast feeds on carbs.
My mum recently adopted an older staffy with awful ears ...due to her age we didnt want to operate ...we used drops from the vets no avail but bought stinky drops ...all natural and they are maybe worth trying ..
As mentioned by @JoanneF, diet can contribute to poorly ears and yeast.
Try a grain free food "Millies Wolfheart" is one of the best grain free kibbles or if possible a raw diet. There are often good results and no expensive vet bills, it can cause no harm to try, but do give any trial a fair time to work.

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