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East Ayrshire


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i would like to thank all members of kircaldy for bringing there dogs down for this fun day ,8 pairs of dogs gave there all in the sweltering heat,after 4 hard runs it was won by vivs quest kirc and a shot of magic e ayr . that is the first time i have seen this type of racing a briliant day held in great fun thanks kircaldy. phil
well done to every dog hope everyone had a good day.see u in ayr for the open :thumbsup:
well done to the winners

managed to get sun burnt,,,,sitting in the shade it was a scorcher off a day

unlucky val for getting put out in the first round LOL LOL ,,THAT CRACKED ME UP LOL LOL,,,,

well done to SHOT OFF MAGIC and VIVS DESTINY nice finish from him at the end

(good team work)
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Heard it was a great day, had to miss cos of work.

Well done Vivs Destiny and A Shot of Magic on your win.

Hope no one has sunburn as bad as my mums lol
me and Tanya had a gr8 day she is still tired lol! but she done me proud, and i have to thank her partner Ricky he did great!
A great days racing all had a laugh and great fun .its just a shame we are all so top ten orientated I dont think there was one person who went home from these races unhappy a great day was held by all we are thinking of extending our challenge further than Scotland for next year is anyone up for it ????
we are up for it val, just say when, lovely track up there


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