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Easter Saturday 11th April Show & Lure Coursing Event

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brill day!!! even better we won the lurcher stake :)
didnt get a bad haul in showing either :)

Well done Tanya and your girls and boys. :thumbsup: Hope you let some of the others win something :D
we won lurcher stake, whippet progeny, and mr cheese got the polecat hob class and beddy cross class with billy aged just 7mths

2nds in whippet bitch with jessie , lurcher dog over 23 smooth with tyler and alfie got 2nd with mr cheese in child handler in ferrets

3rds gained in rough dog under 23 inch, alfie got it with tyler in child handler

wait til i get the official photo shoot for mr cheese the winner of polecat hob and THE most handsome ferret in the world!!! :lol:

it was a brill event , i even camped over , a first time tenter!!! :clown:
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A Link to Mally's Pics well done Mally & Mally Junior :)

fab pics mally !!!! are they available to purchase as there are a few on there i would like please, will you be attending all the uk working whippet events? ;)
Give me a ring Tanya Regarding the photo's, And yes i'm going to try and get to ALL the uk working whippet events as i want to help promote the club and working whippets in general
Wow fab pics Mally

Didnt miss out on a thing!!!

So fed up we couldnt make it

Well done to everyone :D
:) Congratulations to all winners, looks like a great day! Fantastic pictures Mally, Im a big fan of your Vixen :wub: :thumbsup:

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